50/50 he's flirting with me?

I'm trying to figure out whether this guy at my job is flirting with me. When he sees me he says hi or if I see him first I will say hi. One day I was clocking out, but when I walked by him he looked at me and he was still looking at me while I was standing by the registers (waiting to leave).

(We work in Abercrombie and Fitch)

Anytime I am in the room he will automatically comes by me and starts a conversation or sometimes it's the other way around, and sometimes we joke around with each other.

Today, he walked past me (he didn't say anything) and he bumped into me, so when he came back I tried to do the same thing to him.

During the day, he was in men's one (also known as the front room for men), but my manager asked me to fix the clothes in men's 2 (back men's room), and then a few minutes later he's in there putting something back. I asked him how come he was in the same room as me and he said, he told the manager he wanted to switch rooms. We were fixing the room, but then he came by me and he started talking to me. He was joking with me, but then he said, "I made him sick" or something like that, but he always jokes with me, so I didn't take it serious, then I said, "if I make you sick then why are you over here" (we joke around a lot).

We continued working and talking throughout the remainder of my shift, and I'm pretty sure I will see him tomorrow because I'm working a 9-hour shift lol.


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  • Depends. Might be flirting, but might also be bored with the job and you're the only one he likes talking to there.

    Ask him about what he does for fun, and try to find an opportunity to hang with off the job.


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