What's your opinion on going to clubs?

so my friends want me to attend this club that's coming up soon. my friends want to go because there's apparently gonna be a lot of people going. can someone tell me what its like when you go to the all ages clubs that teenagers usually attend?

I've never been to club and I'm a bit nervous, my friend says that you gotta dress like a "whore" when girls attend the all ages clubs... I don't usually dress in that manner because I'm a bit chubby.


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  • Those who mix up with corn get eaten by pigs. Rough translation of a saying I tend to hear and say.

    If you are like the typical people, you will have fun unleashing your inner fury by rioting on the dance stage. If you are sort of laid back or afraid of other people's judgements like me, then it's something you will hate and never go back to. You will see for yourself.

    Your chubbiness will be the least amount of issue, don't worry. No one will mind that.

    • What language is that saying from?

    • "Aki korpa k?z? keveredik, megeszik a diszn?k." It's hungarian. "korpa" is not exactly corn, but you get the idea.

    • "aki korpa koze keveredik, megeszik a disznok" the site does not like our weird letters.

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  • Most people just go just to see what might happen...


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  • don't dress like a "whore". just dress sexy and prepare for a crowded room (packed and touching a bunch of people). you have to wait in a line like forever unless you get there early. and they might raise the price to get in by the time you get to the front.

    • Oh yeah. and also be prepared for any/all guys to come up to you and start grinding with you without any prior consent from you. if you don't feel comfortable, move away/stick with your friends.