Top 10 things you should never say to a girl?

if there's more then 10 feel free


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  • 1. Anything insinuating they are fat. Weight= don't go there

    2. Comparing them to other girls

    3. Bitching about their friend

    4. Talking about sports, cars or video games under the assumption I have an extensive knowledge of such things.

    5. Criticising new haircuts "Wow you look like a dyke" rarely goes down well

    6. Bragging about past conquests extensively

    7. Using the word love flippantly ( chicks are super sentimental and they WILL take it seriously)

    8. "Are those things real?"

    9. Fishing for complements about your d*** size

    10. "You look tired"...Generally gets translated into "You look like sh*t"

    • Oh f***............................i use number 10 alot.......

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    • Uh oh......... so when girls say their fine....what do they really want....?

    • If they say I'm fine just go for something along the lines of "Hey if something is up you don't have to talk but I'm here for you :)" the response will generally be " *melts inside* nawww okay..."

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  • "Are you sure that's your size? Will it fit?"

    "I didn't think you could see me.'

    "It's only a few pounds, no one will notice. I only noticed because I have to see you naked."

    "You're going to wear that?"

    Don't rate your girl friend anything lower than a 10. Bad idea.

    "I said you reminded me of a cow because of the milk thing! You like milk!"

    "What are you, my mother?"

    "I don't think you'll fit in there."

    I had more, but I don't remember at the moment!

    • "Why aren't you better at sex?" (I was a virgin when I got this one)

      "Of course I'd choose the super model, I mean who wouldn't choose her over a smalltown girl."

      "All girls are lying bitches and whores. No exceptions."

      "For real, people shouldn't have emotions, stop crying."

      "There's seriously something wrong with YOU."

    • Not gonna lie, some of those were pretty funny! LOL

      Not if someone really told them to you though...

  • Anything that puts her down, makes her feel unattractive and self conscious or lowers her confidence.

    • Like telling her to stand some1 else because she's embarrasing me?

What Guys Said 4

  • dude your t*ts are bigger than mine

  • "you aren't the prettiest girl in here,

    But beauty is just a light switch away"

  • I slept with your mother

    I slept with your sister

    the dress doesn't make your but look big its you

    how many sex partners have you had

  • 10. I know what I'm doing, trust me.

    9. I don't need directions.

    8. Was an ex-boyfriend good in bed?

    7. Am I good in bed?

    6. Wanna try a threesome?

    5. Can I borrow some clothes?

    4. Yes, you do look fat in that.

    3. Your friend is so HOT.

    2. I slept with your friend.

    1. You're just like your mother!

    • Interesting... from a guys point of view. I liked the girls list above TheDarkNoodle better... but this is ok