Should I stay naturally pale or use a sunless tanner?

My skin is so pale, I could be described as the fairest of them all. In makeup terms, I am the lightest shade they possibly make. I have dark brown hair, which provides a stark contrast.

I don't tan naturally, only burn. I've found a sunless tanner that works well and doesn't turn me orange. It simply makes my skin a few shades darker. It looks natural.

After the tanning product, my skin looks more like this link and less like Snow White.

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  • Pale is pretty, too. Maybe just wear tanner when you feel like it, like if you're going to the beach or something. Don't feel like you have to wear tanner all the time, but feel free to wear it when you want. Both pale and tan skin can be pretty so just go with your mood.


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  • Stay pale.. pale is beautiful and Katy perry looks weird and fake with that peachy tint. If your so worried about it dye your hair lighter

  • Well I'm pretty pale myself and I also hate itt veeeeeeeerrry much! I have head that "fake bake" sunless tanner works really good! I've been looking for it and can't find it any shoppers drug mart or anythinggg :( butttt maay I ask which tanner you found that doesn't go orangeee!? let me knowww:) and by the way I accidently hit A on your poll I ment to hit B

    • It's called St. Tropez. Here's a link: