Guys: What do you prefer, smooth styles or voluminous ringlets?

I'm Black and Brazilian, so I naturally have curly hair. Normally, I would perm it straight and wear it in smoother styles, but now I wear it curly like this: link

What do you prefer? A head of big bouncy ringlets or like Smoother styles?


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  • Why fight the gift of naturally curly hair? Big and bouncy looks great on you, so don't bother with trying to do something different. There are plenty of women who spend their time and money trying to look like you do naturally...


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  • wear your hair curly that is so cute! you will stand out in a sea of straight haired girls. also if you have bouncy ringlets you can always straighten it but once you put that perm in that's it. really if you got hair like that you don't even need to put chemicals in it anyway, if you want to wear it straight then either get it pressed out or blowdry/flat iron it. no need for chemicals

    • I used to have a perm, I grew it out and my mom straightened it for me. Now I wear it like the girl in the link, only my hair is expresso brown and I'm a few shades darker than her. But I have hazel gold eyes. I promised my sister I'd grow my hair this texture until it was hip length again, but I wanna know what guys think before I do it that long.

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