I'm feeling insecure because I'm not my boyfriend's type?

My boyfriend is outgoing, funny, happy, energetic, and people love him (lol I just described a dog!)

I'm more laid back, quiet, shy, I get along with people but people don't love me, and I worry all the time about anything.

Sometimes we clash because of our personalities but we do have a lot of common interests.

He doesn't really have a "type" physically, but I noticed "trendy" styles like Rihanna's catches his attention...a style that's not ordinary. He has p*rnographic/nude pictures of women of all types but the big boobed and big butt girls make me feel insecure. I don't have a problem with p*rnography because sometimes I watch it with him.

Like, I don't care if its a p*rn of a couple doing it but if it's just a video of a girl solo that has big sexual assets then I get jealous...

I'm a small 34B, I have hips, and a butt...I have something but it's not a sexual body. It's more cutesy.

Ugh I hate being insecure! I just started feeling this way tonight I don't know why


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  • There's a big difference between girls I'd only want to have sex with (or masturbate to) and girls I want a relationship with. Usually people don't want carbon-copies of themselves.


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  • Oh love. I used to have the same worries as you, but body insecurity is something that does get better with age.

    Put it this way, my boyfriend loves the plastic p-rno dollies, but I'm his girl. He comes home to me, spoils me, loves me. I'm the one who shares his bed at night and I'm the first thing he sees in the morning and the last thing he sees at night, when he's lying beside me with his arms wrapped round me. Now if he didn't want to be with me, would he be there? No. I've got cellulite, stretch marks, a bit of a tummy and I'm not as skinny as I used to be but it hasn't put him off one bit.

    Your boy is with you because of who you are, he's paying you the biggest complement by being with you. He's chosen you over everyone else and tbh all guys love a naked girl. Once you get your clothes off, he's more interested in what he's going to be doing to you than to worry about what you look like.

    If you wanna give yourself a bit of a boost, buy yourself some nice undies, get a spray tan and get your hair done. You'll feel a million dollars and I'm sure your boy will love it too.

    Also you're so lucky having 34B boobs, at least you can find shirts and blouses that fit you! Having 34DD boobs is a nightmare!

    • Thanks, I just needed to hear all that to remind myself. I usually don't care but some days I feel this way.