Why does he look at me?

Okay so I know this sounds like nearly every other "Does he like me" question on here but I couldn't find any answers for my dilemma. So this guy I've known for a bit who hangs out with a good friend of mine always is staring at me. When I talk to him, he stares straight in my eyes, when he talks to my friend he'll look at me, whenever I'm near him he's always either staring into space or looking at me...He's a self proclaimed shy person and I have no idea what to make of his behavior or what to do about it! Please help!


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  • he probably likes you, and if you like him talk to him

    • I do talk to him...a lot... but I don't get why he looks at me so much...

    • Well sometimes guys just look, and stare that's just what they do...and at other times its because they like you..its up to you to find that part out then you will know why he looks at you so much.