Whats with flip flops today?

They have almost become the primary footwear in summer, spring, and sometimes they are even worn in the cold seasons.

First off where did the style come from out of thin air? A few years ago guys and girls just wear them all day everywhere. Work, school, parties, lounging, inside, outside etc. I'm not really knocking it unless people don't tend to their feet but I'm just wondering - what is it about flip flops? Why are guys and girls so into them? Someone explain please.


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  • Not sure of the original origin of flip flops, but I can say probably along the beach areas. Hell even Jesus wore them so maybe he invented them, who knows. OK he wore a slight variation of the flip flop but still, pretty much the same thing.

    They have been in style because you can wear them with anything from a swim suit to jeans, they are just comfortable, but who would have thought a pair of flip flops would cost you 50 bucks, thank you abercrombie for that one. I used to work there and guess what kind of shoes I had to wear, you guessed it flip flops even in the winter.

    I like flip flops I usually wear them whenever I can, just not to work. They became real big with frats just walk around a college campus and you will see what I am talking about.

    The one place I wouldn't wear them is a bar, for two reasons, one have you see a bars bathroom ya not exactly what you call five star quality. There's p*ss and vomit and who knows what else all over the floor and leaving your feet exposed to that is not good. Then you have the problem of people stepping on your feet especially in a bar, I even know of couple of bars that would only let women wear flip flops and not men, which didn't really make sense because women are more likely to get their feet stepped on while dancing then a guy.

    If you do decide to wear flip flops be sure to keep your toe nails decent looking and if you have nasty toe nails just stick to wear tennis shoes.

    • Lol yeah I'm at a university and all I see are flippity flops- mm where I come from its strictly forbidden for guys to wear um I thought about it but I don't know its not really my style, but yeah your absolutley right. Others tell me they wear them so their feet don't sweat as much.

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  • They are just so easy. You slip them on and that's it. No straps to unbuckle, not shoe tieing, no trying to yank the shoe off of your foot. No socks. And since they are cheap you can buy a bunch of pairs to match different outfits.

    • Lol have people gotten so lazy they don't like to take their own shoes off lmao I'm kidding OK I see thanks.

  • Well for me I like to go barefoot a lot but I can't go barefoot in wal mart O.o that's just icky so I wear flip flops


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