Same height, is it just too weird?

So this guy I like is essentially the same height as me (I'm 1" shorter) and I'm wondering if this will make him less inclined to cuddle and hold me or even be attracted to me.

Is being the same height a turn off?


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  • Yes and no, I know it sounds indecisive. When a guy dates a girl who is much shorter than he is, the only problem he faces is the fact that he may have to lean down to hug or kiss her. Though if a guy were to go out with a girl who is around his height he may be okay with it but may feel awkward if she ends up wearing shoes with heels that make him seem small and insignificant. As long as a girl isn't towering over me, I'm fine with it. I'm sure if this guy likes you too, I'm pretty sure he will get by the height issue.


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  • Not at all! I actually like women who are taller than me as well as shorter.

    I'm currently trying to woo a woman who is listed as 5'9" via online dating... but I never told her my height (I round UP to 5'9").

    As you can guess, I am worried as hell she'll lose interest the moment the ball is dropped.

  • nope


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