I'm in college and there is this guy I like. We're in class together, and we see each other around a lot, but we've never spoken to each other. But it seems like he avoids my eye contact. Yesterday I was hanging with someone he knows in my room, and he and a friend came in for a moment to ask her something - they talked for a short while, (he was high so I don't know if that makes a difference) and he didn't ever really look at me. His friend asked me something, and the guy was in the doorway, I looked at him and we had eye contact for a second - then he looked away and he they left. What does it mean?


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  • It means he's not interested. Usually a guy who's interested will move closer to you in the class, try to catch your eye, linger around packing up notebooks and such to try to leave at the same time, support anything you say in a group discussion, etc. If none of that happens, then he's not interested. Could be that he's got a girl and just isn't looking.


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