Do you think it is stupid to change your clothes when you go to the bar?

So when I go to a bar with some friends they change the clothes they wear from what they already had on. I really don't see why it matters at all.


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  • Your opinion/belief/argument: Look doesn't matter, or at least clothing doesn't. And dressing up is just plain stupid. (Am I right?)

    My opinion/belief/argument: Appearance matters. The appearance of a person gives you judgments or even a sense of connection. The purpose of a change of clothing is to either fit in with the atmosphere or to feel fresh. Like really, if you go to a wedding, everyone is going to wear tux, suits, gowns, and dresses. And just because you think dressing up doesn't matter, go ahead, pay the groom and the bride some respect with your jeans and t-shirt. You might not care about appearance, but its a sign of respect, appreciation, and fashion. This is my criticism but it just proves that you have no sense of fashion. Or even worst, no appreciation for fashion. Really, going to a club its all about having fun and meeting people.

    Appearances creates attractions.

    Personality creates connections.

    The way you dress up yourself means a lot about who you are. Trust me, it does.

    • I know you should dress up for a wedding or a job interview or something, but if you are just hanging out with friends why should it matter really, if the clothes are not wrinkled or something it should be fine, I mean it is a bar, it is not like you are going to a fancy restaurant or something.

    • Reasons for going to a club:

      - To express yourself in ways you can't when you're at work or even at school.

      - Hoping to meet someone.

      - Having fun with friends.

      Why Dressing Up for a Club Matters:

      - Dressing up is a form of expressing them self. Aka, fashion. Everyone has different fashion sense. Same goes for you.

      - Dress to impress.

      Right now, you're just being stubborn. Your opinion is that dressing up for club is stupid. But its a thing people do. Its fun and enjoyable. Don't hate.

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  • looking at your age group,

    i'm assuming they're young, single guys wanting to look fresh for the ladies lol

    • Why should it matter really, I don't know I have always thought clothes were stupid they are just meant to cover you up. I mean why would you need a Lamborghini when a Buick will work just fine. I mean I don't wear messed up clothes but I don't feel the need to pay a lot of clothes when cheaper clothes are fine. I just don't see why it matters. I mean maybe it does and I am wrong. If I am wrong please tell me.

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    • If you think about it,

      not everyone can afford the higher end stores,

      so no...not everyone is wearing them lol

      i try to find a happy medium and go for things the look good [ and ] have good quality.

      for example, this store has really low prices,

      but they rip within the same week.

      i wouldn't waste money on stuff like that.

    • I guess you are right, I just never really have felt like clothes were important

  • no it's not stupid. you go to bars to meet guys, and you want to look your best. work clothes rarely are your best

    • I am in college though so it is not really work clothes people have.

  • no because people want to look good in a place where they're gonna be seen by the opposite sex


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  • Some people, esp girls, are looking for a fantasy. Guys know this so they dress differently than you would find on the street, hoping fo fulfill some of these fantasies.

  • You change clothes when you go to work, you change clothes when you go jogging, you change clothes when you go to a job interview, you change clothes when you go on a date.

    Same logic. :]

  • They wants to look sexy, wants to attract girls, therefore they change clothes

  • if they're on the hunt, of course they want to look more attractive

  • Looking good is important, if you are on the hunt...

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