What do women really look for in a guy?

More often than not, I see these seemingly nice women hooked up with these scrawny, loserly, wimpy guys (that look as though they couldn't get out of a wet paper bag) that treat them like crap, and above all, they're jobless, living off of the women. What's wrong with this picture.


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  • i don't know were you've been hanging out

  • yeah I know a whole bunch of my friends and my sister married a jobless loser. And guess what? In about 2-3 years they all divorced and they are now with children (single mothers), while the guy is still jobless and who knows where (most likely with their parents or friends). But anyways, there is something wrong with the picture. Girls are DUMB and not choosing wisely and that's why there are so many divorces and single parent mothers! If only girls would be more CHOOSY and choose the guy after dating him for a few weeks/months. GEE! okies...

    What's with your question? you can't get any girls? they are now single mothers dating... my sister is dating... so are my single mother girlfriends.

    • "Getting Girls" isn't the issue. I'm just a little more cautious these days, and don't like drama. If I want drama, I'll watch TNT. And when children get brought into the picture, the loserly guy usually tries to have some kind of control over things that are truly none of his business. Instead of telling him to hit the road, the women seem to be sucked in by some magical BS. I don't understand it>>>>>>>>

    • Just don't get involved with women who have kids then... that's how I'd go with it.

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