How do I grow less body hair?

I find shaving my pubic region and butt to be very tedious. Soon I`m going to have to start shaving my chest too.

Is there any way I can make these places grow less hair so I don`t have to do it so much? Are there any "balding creams," I can use or anything like that?


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  • yay for smooth men ;)

    There are no balding creams my dear. Far as I know the only way to remove the hair so it doesn't grow so much (read too fast) is to :

    1. wax... which will hurt like hell but it does rip the hair out by the root so it takes awhile to grow back...

    2. Hair removal cream. Which is what I prefer for my legs. It stinks generally tho, litterally. But it makes my legs fee amazing and there are no knicks and cuts. You do have to wait 5-10minutes or so depending on brand before removing it.

    A way to remove it so it doesn't come back .. (so they say) is lazer treatment. They go in and zap each hair folical which I guess closes them up preventing hair from growing again. But it likely costs a lot and would take a long time depending on the area/s you're doing.

    • The labels on hair removal creams say don't use on pubic regions though.

      Is that really a concern?

    • Oh hell no do NOT use the cream on your nether regions. Note I said for my LEGS ;) I shave my garden. I've gotten really good at it tho by now and don't get any cuts, knicks or razorburn anymore.

      The skin around your nether areas is much more sensitive and of a different type then the skin on the rest of your body. Can cause really huge problems and large amounts of pain.

    • I know this is a looooong time after you posted this comment, but what kind of hair removal cream do you use? I want to try it on my legs but don't know what kind to try.

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  • Why do you feel like you need to do that? If women can be "beautiful they way they are" -- freakin' Dove commercials-- then men can as well. I'm sure you're handsome just the way you are. Just trim your pubes. My boyfriend has hair on his body, but I don't mind. It's natural and attractive.

    • I have my prefrences for how I like to look. This isn't rooted in insecurity.

  • just trim with personal scissors and make it look tidy! I like men who are masculine!

    • Hairy = Masculine?

      That's an interesting way to look at things, but I've never thought of it like that.

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    • Well I do know it starts to look silly at a certain point. And I really have no interest in looking like arnold shwartzenegger in his bodybuilding days. I'm acutally quite comfortable with my body. But I was just saying, a lot of men with very little body hair are depicted as attractive.

    • its so true

  • I'm afraid not. An easy thing to do is wax. It's painful but you don't have to do it that often

    • How do I wax my pubes and butt? I've seen wax things in drugstores but they all say don't use on pubes.

    • Get a professional to do it. It's not that expensive considering how long it lasts

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  • Well Nair is a hair removal cream. However, I think that is for complete removal. As far as I am aware think there is no way to reduce hair growth rates, except for DNA alterations.

  • Screw that! Embrace your masculinity!