Is weight an issue for guys when it comes to attraction?

I'm 5'11" and 145 lbs...

but my best friend is feeling down about herself recently. She says no guys are attracted to her because she's not as thin as me...and it's making me feel really bad because I feel like I'm the reason for her unhappiness. She's 5'1" and about 135 lbs. She's not fat, but she's a little heavier set than I am.

So I was wondering, of the two types of girls (tall and slender or short and chubby), who would a guy more likely be attracted to? and is weight an issue?

Just for the record, I'm not a 'twig' or 'anorexic'. It's not like I'm a size double zero or anything along those lines, I'm a US size 6, so I look healthy. My friend is recently just becoming more and more obsessed with the number on her scale.
And I tell her all the time that she's not chubby but the words go in one ear and out the other with her. I've been trying to help her develop a healthier self image, and I need to show her what guys have to say.


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  • depends on the guy, everyone has a preference, you have a preference, someone who is healthy, healthy children etc


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  • I personally don't like a 'twig' or a fatass but frankly between the two I would pick your friend, nothing against you but 1: you're 4 inches taller than me,not cool 2: she is not anywhere near 'chubby' period, tell her to knock that bullsh*t off :)

  • Sad but true, guys often go for the girls who look slender. It's much easier to get away with having more flesh if you are taller. For example: a 5'10" woman who is size 8 is going to not get as much flak for it as a 5'3" girl with a size 6. Personally, short stocky women remind me of children.

  • It really, really depends on the guy. I prefer a girl to be shorter than me. Body "type" doesn't matter all that much, as long as a girl's preportionate and isn't anorexic or actually fat.


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