The feminine role... "I want to feel like a woman"?

I personally don't understand this.

They tend to say "girls want to wear the skirt in a relationship"... But why? Why do you -want to feel that you are a girl-? I don't understand the motive, the intention, it's just irrational.

There was a girl once in my life, she used to wear pants most of the time and never wear make-up. But whenever we had a school celebration of some sort, any special occasions when she could, she always wore high-heels. She said she wore the high-heels because she grew up with a brother, and she was highly influenced, and she had to wear his clothing (because she grew into them). And this way, she "didn't feel like a girl, so each time I can, I always wear the high-heels so I feel more like a woman".

How does this make any sense in any way? Does anyone have an answer Why do girls want to "fit into their role" so much, why would it make them happy to "feel like a woman"?


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  • I've never heard anyone say that they want to wear the skirt in a relationship. I don't know about wanting to feel like a girl either. Do you mean why do girls want to feel feminine?

    I wear pants most of the time, too, and I never wear makeup. For special occasions, I do like to wear skirts/dresses and heels. It has nothing to do with my role in a relationship, it's just me personally. Even if I don't go out of my way with my appearance on a regular basis, I do want to look nice ever once in a while. It's not just girls, guys like to look nice for special occasions too. People in general like to show that they "clean up nice" or can pull off another look. It just feels good to do something different.

    • But aren't you "nice" already in your casual clothing as well? :P

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    • There are girls that ask guys out?

    • I said: my sister did. Therefore, yes. And the guy was like "really? no one ever told me that, I wouldn't have ever thought so". I think I'll ask what exactly she said back then, it was something related to finding him attractive.

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  • Never heard a women say I want to wear the skirt in a relationship. I much more frequently hear guys complaining the girl is not letting them feel like a man.

    (imo) No one can make let allow you to feel your feelings, &No one should ever wish for anyone including themselves, to feel less powerful -spiritually emotionally; physically ;intellectually; etc, than yourself or someone else can feel stronger than they do. this includes clothing. Cloths can't tell you how to fee about yourself either. In life you have to do what you feel is important to you and do it seriously and playfully & with compassion for yourself and others. That is how you feel complete whether as a man women transvestite transgender hermaphrodite - w/e. Its what you do, not who/ what you screw :)

  • This is a retarded question, sounds like you love women

    • This is a retarded answer, because I think you just don't understand the question. I'm quoting that, it's not me who wants to feel like a woman.

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