How to become pretty?

How can a girl become attractive or at least decent.I'll get cosmetic surgery done when I'm older I want a nose job and buccal fat removal when I am older but I want to try other things while I wait till I'm 18


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  • 1) Get your teeth whitened/braces.

    2) Get a facial if you have bad skin, try scrubs ect.

    3) Get a hair cut/dyed, buy a straightner/curler ect.

    4) Lose weight if you need to.

    5) Find out what colours suit your complexion and hair colour and buy clothes in those colours.

    6) Buy clothes that suit your body type and make you feel good.

    7) Get a manicure/peticure.

    8) Try different makeup techniques.

    As for your nose, I wouldn't recommend getting cosmetic surgery. You are young so it's normal to feel like this, but it's probably not as bad as you think. If it makes you feel better there are ways you can make it look smaller with makeup. If you highlight the bridge and put bronzer on both sides it will make your nose appear slimmer. There are plenty of makeup tutorials on youtube.

    Anyway, I hope I helped. (:

    • Also forgot to mention, if you have glasses, you could try contacts. :P

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