Why does he keep looking at me?

OK so its the second week of high school and I'm sitting in my chair as usual. When I look up I see this boy in my class just staring at me. I quickly look away because I'm VERY shy when it comes to boys. Then I look again and he's still looking at me and smiling. its weird. I've never really paid much attention to him before and I don't even know him that well just that he's in the same class as me. I've never talked to him before either. Also one time when I wasn't feeling well I went to the office and he was there with a friend. I sat down in a chair waiting for my mom to come pick me up. He came and sat down beside me but still didn't say anything. His body was facing towards me but still nothing. He would just continue talking with his friend. I don't get it does he like me? or what?


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  • When you said he was staring and smiling I thot of a creepy pedifile smile :D lol but anywhosss it seems like he's into u

    try talking to him for a change? Get to kno him.

    This happened to me last year and I regret not talking to him since I don't know if he's in my class again :-/

  • It definitely seems like he likes you! Staring can be a good thing. Especially if he was smiling too. And as for the whole office thing when you were sick, that's sweet of him. He could probably tell you needed just someone there for you. I think you should talk to this guy. If your shy just look back at him if you catch him staring again. Smile, maybe he'll take that as a way of saying "Hey" or something and come talk to you! Best of luck!

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