Is it possible that I like him so soon?

I am involved with a show at my school. There is a boy in the cast that is new to the theater department and I think he's AMAZING. We talked and danced at the cast party recently and we really got along. I broke the "touch barrier" already and we make eye contact a ton during rehearsal. Its only been a week and I'm really starting to like him and I think he likes me too.

Am I crazy to think this is happening if its only been a week?

what signs should I be looking for from him to see if he likes me too?


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  • From a distance eye contact more than 3 seconds, indication of interest, if he teases you, touches, plays, jokes with you. Trys to be helpful, gives you attention, wants to be around you, sits close to you, moves into your social circles, asks about you friends etc. Trys to spend time with you, acts nervous, mirrors your body language, faces you, tilts his head to expose his neck, exposes his groin area to you, demonstrates what he would like you to do to him by touching himself or acting it out with an object

  • Sure its possible that you like him. If he smiles a lot around you and seems to want to be with more or keeps starting conversations, etc, then he probably likes you.


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