What to wear when meeting an internet guy for the first time? Any other hints on how not to feel awkward?

- it's a bit cold right now, like sweater/jacket weather - how do you look good rugged up?

- I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard

- we are just meeting for coffee

- don't even know if I'll like him yet


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  • I'd go for wool tights and a sweaterdress. Guys always like skirts/dresses, and this is a way of wearing them while still looking casual. I would also think of a few subjects to talk about in case there is an awkward silence. His last holiday for instance, stuff about his job...A lot of people like it when you ask questions which allows them to talk about their life.

  • talk to him as you usually would you practically know him already since you talk on net and you wouldn't of decided to meet him if you felt wrong act like his a typical friend and wear something like tights and ugg boots and a warm sloppy joe or hooded jumper that's cute but warm