My face is uneven - is that making me unattractive?

My face doesn't match my body, it's uneven (right side seems to be smaller than the left side, and my nose is a little bended to the side) and I have puffy cheeks, my body is well-toned, because I take care of myself, but that doesn't change my face.

Now, I know that guys prefer to date girls with pretty faces regardless of their weight.

But my face can not be changed and I'm getting quite self-conscious about it at times, for example I don't dare to laugh because I think that it distorts my face. I feel like I can't compete with any girl out there...also when I good-looking guy asks me out on a date I get the feeling that he only does it to check if I would fall for him, because he's not into me anyway.

So, guys, how important is a pretty face to you?

Btw. I do wear make-up, which helps to even out my face but of course it doesn't hide anything.


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  • So find the guys who'll go out with you for your personality instead. They tend to be better in every respect.

    BTW, I don't believe your face is ugly :P

    • Good aspect... and thanks by the way =)

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  • The more symmetrical a person's face is the more attractive a person is; this is according to science. Ultimately, the face is important. When you kiss someone or talk to him or her, you have to look at his or her face. Facial flaws are hard to ignore. There are some guys who will focus on other parts of the body.

    • Yeah, I know, that's why I'm so self-conscious about it.

  • Its only a problem is you keep going on about it, I bet most people don't give it a second thought, nobody is 100% symmetrical you do know that right?


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