Would guys prefer a cute wife or sexy wife?

I have a sexy face and a sophisticated style. Not revealing at all! people say I have a Megan fox kinda face. I'm just wondering if you guys prefer that sexy look or a cutesy girl?

I have heard a lot of men love their cute girls?! Why? I'd presume they'd love a tastefully sexy wife?!

Also, give me your definition of a CUTE wife?! and is it more the way she acts or looks?


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  • megan fox makes me want to throw up, she is so un-appealing

    Scarlett Johansson on the other hand... Probably because she was in Japan


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  • Be the best of both worlds, be cute with some sexy charm. It's very possible. Have that bit of spice that makes you a little risqué, but when need be that cute, sweet lady that you can't help but treat like a Teddy bear.

    "Guys want a good girl that acts bad." not sure who said that, I think Jim Carrey lol. But you get the point, a good girl acts right at heart, but can add that fun into things.

  • It's both acting and looking, if you want a definition look at 90% of Japanese girls

  • Cute girl all the way for a wife, cute IS sexy, sexy is not sexy, it's f***able, but cute is sexy and feminine so I'd rather have a cute wife to come home to every night


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