Do I scare guys? (sorry it's kind of long)

I am definitely not a tom boy, I tend to dress up and wear a little bit of make-up. I am not pretty, but I tend to be referred to as cute since I am short and kind of the girl next door in my looks, but I have yet to meet a guy at school who even seems interested and I am wondering if it is because I scare guys.

Most of my friends are guys (though I do have a few girls that I hang out with) and I normally hang out with them, but it is because I am in the military and I take several different martial arts and they are the guys that I work/train with, but I also take dance and am a cheerleader at college where I am majoring in Political Science. So are guys not interested because they think I am already taken or is it because I intimidate them?

My personality would be kind of quiet but practical jokster, I am not aggressive but I can definitely hold my own when necessary, though I am a bit of a pushover. I love being outside doing stuff like paintball, but you can also find me in a museum


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  • I would agree with P-Guy. Maybe the guys you've met so far have simply been overshadowed by you.

    So I wouldn't say "intimidate " so to speak .( Unless you go around with a rifle on your back or something , in which case that's YOUR fault =P=P)

    You sound like someone who won't get pushed around and doesn't need to rely on someone 24/7, a girl with opinions is something a lot of guys will admire more than someone who only cares about the town they live in. You'll find someone who will appreciate those qualities fo'sure. =)


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  • I don't know if there is enough information here to tell. You sound great to be honest. If you "scare" guys it is probably because you are either very talented and therefore make them feel insecure or you have an aggressive personality. That combined with your talents may "scare" them off. Maybe you just haven't me the right guy? Sometimes girls that identify with boys (have a lot of boy friends and participate in boy activities) get a boyish style and some guys don't like that. But from what you said here, I would think guys would be dying to date you:)

  • I think we'd all have to really know a lot about you personally before we could give you any useful information.

    • Where I'm from, guys wouldn't know what to do with a gal that paintballs in the brush all day and then at night changes into a silky number and heads out to a museum. Sounds like a lot of fun to me however, so I don't know what to say about improving your situation, other then people like to live in labels and expect certain things if a person has a particular interest.

      Continue to trend set, and someone worthy will find you.

    • Thanks, I will keep that in mind!

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