What is natural beauty?

Ok guys I have heard this quite a few times and am not quite sure exactly what is meant by it.


I am sure it must be a good thing because it sounds pretty good :).

anyways could someone try to explain to me just what this means.


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  • Well I think it refers to a women that are beautiful without the trappings of beauty. no makeup, no surgery, etc. Typically if refers to a woman that has beautiful hair, a nice shapely body, is well proportioned and has beautiful facial features. I think the term is overused. In my mind a "natural beauty" could be a woman that when you first meet her could be wearing combat boots and overalls and cleaning up manure and you would think.thats the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen:)

  • I would say that it means the person looks really good already without having to make a lot of effort like using make-up, styling her hair, etc. They're just "naturally beautiful". Hope this makes sense.


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