How do you ask a girl you're close with to shave better?

I really like this girl. She's adorable and really cute but her armpits are really nasty. She almost always wears really short sleeved shirts and she always lies on my bed with like an arm stretched out. She has really really bad shadow and stubble, like the worst I've seen without it being armpit hair. How do I bring this up? I'm not with her yet but I'm very close.

She also sweats alot. Spending like three minutes outside soaks her pits and her shirt gets really bad sweat stains.

She's a really cute girl and I still like her regardless but is it possible for me to bring this up without it like hurting my chances with her or offending her? It wouldn't be a problem if it was justl ike a one day thing but every time I see her it looks like someone just rubbed a dirty pencil eraser on her pits and took like a pen annd tried to make a connect the dots picture


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  • Hold up there a second. Most girls I know have bad enough body issues already, and you want to bring up another one?

    I'd personally be really, really embarrassed if I was in that situation and you brought it up to me. I myself am a little bit self-conscious about the appearance of my pits (I also have pretty bad shadowing, and because of the shape, it's extremely hard to get a good shave), but short of getting them waxed or lasered, I really don't know if there's anything I can do about it. Asking her to shave better might just get you frustration, "I know, I'm trying", and depending on how sensitive she is, tears.

    I also used to sweat really bad, and was super self-conscious about it as well - I actually wore more clothes when it was hot out to hide the sweat stains. It doesn't happen anymore, apparently I've grown out of it, but I would have been so, so embarrassed if anybody called me out on it.

    I have no idea how sensitive this girl is about this sort of stuff, but it's a pretty safe bet she knows what her own body looks and acts like. If she's wearing sleeveless shirts and lying on your bed with her arm stretched out, I'm guessing she trusts you to not care about it. If you bring it up in any way, it'll probably push her to take some action, but you risk upsetting her at least temporarily, if not longer.


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  • I agree with Zen Master.

    i had an armpit problem when I was a teenager. I got a recommended deo powder to reduces sweat/ hair and no smell what so ever. It worked like magic but it darkened my armpits and looks dark till this moment, so make sure you get her a good one.

    Another thing you could do is to talk about likes and dislikes perhaps online game?

    mention something true about her like long hair if she has one as likes... and mention this issue as a dislike.

  • Do NOT confront her about this!

    It will most likely cause self esteem issues. I use to have this problem when I was younger and I def was VERY aware of it and it made me have low self esteem. Thankfully I don't have that problem anymore.

    If you have a good female friend you could talk to her about this, get her to hang out with you and this girl more so she can become friends with this girl and then she can bring it up to her.

  • why does she not shave! that is like an unwritten rule for females.

    so hmmmmm. well if you like her and things work out tell her later in the relationship when you guys are closer.

    and if she gets upset say it just good hygiene!

    good luck :)

  • Buy her a strong deodorant as a gift and say, ' I think this smells so great on girls'

  • Hmm, unfortunate! Chances are she knows...Urrm, well don't just say it, no wayy it could be really hurtful. Do you have any female friends who are trustworthy and close to her? It'd be less hurtful coming from someone she's not involved with. If you did that though, you'd have to make sure she didn't find out, cause she might be like 'why didn't you tell me.' I would personally be really hurt if a guy just said it to me..difficult one!

  • send her an anonymous email.


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  • My Girlfriend uses a product that helps with both of your problems its dove clinical protection its a deoderant and also reduces hair grown not sure how you can get her to use it though maybe take her shopping and tell her that you heard from a friend that the product is just awesome as you walk past it and buy it for her maybe as you go pick up a toothbrush for yourself or something

    you could try and get her to be honest towards you and tell you something embarassing she doesn't like about you first so you can bring it up then just an idea good luck

    • I was going to comment this!!! This is probably the best idea. That's how I got my boyfriend to wear the deodorant that smells so good on him (lol) by inconspicuously telling him this XD might work for you too as long as you have a steady conversation before you mention it. Also through the shopping, comment on other random objects outside that department, just to make sure it's not SO obvious.

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