How to talk to a guy at a gym?

so there are a lot of guys who caught my eye at the gym and they would glance over at times but never come up to me or make small talk, well only the guys who are like uhh can I have yo number, yuck

anyway should I just come up and talk to them? and how I don't know what to say- oh how much are you benching?

a funny thing is sometimes I catch them looking over at me because they don't see girls working out as hard core as I do!

ehm for those of you who think that I'm saying that I go to the gym all dolled up to lift 5lbs and play around your wrong. I want to approach a guy who I see there often and talk to him but we are both busy working out I guess


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  • In that case watch and notice his routine and just make yours intersect with his in a casual way. Sort of catch is eye and give a really sweet smile. That should prompt him to say something then just keep the talk going.


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  • In the middle eastern states there is a chain of spas now called, Balley's Total Fitness. The Rockville Maryland location on Rockville Pike is very large and almost a 'meet market'. When I was last there many very pretty (slim) girls would don their tight specifically prurient chosen outfits in full makeup and well done hair supposedly to exercise. They would attract enormous attention because no girl in their would look like that if she was really their to exercise. They would go near a prospective pick-up and ask how does this work and they guy would, of course, give her a lengthy explanation.

    Just ask something about one of the machines that seems serious but at the same time has the impression that you could have figured it out for yourself. If he responds with an enthusiastic un-needed lengthy answer, he's interested and just keep the talk going. You've just made your pick-up at a gym.

    • Ahhhha thanks! I mean I figured that that's an easy way to go but they see me there almost everyday so I think they know I know how to use the equipment maybe even better then they do. and usually they're playing basketball or benching or doing pull ups- not much I can ask about those things. they just like to look at me doing my wall sits for two minutes with 30 lbs weight on my leg I guess :P

      gross it bugs me to see girls wearing makeup that looks freshly applied at the gym

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    • Oh so the girls don't really break a sweat do they?

      hmm OK well ill try asking how to do something in the free weights room I guess!


    • Those girls do not break a sweat. They're far too made up to look so sweet to have running make-up all over their face or to smell sweaty. It would ruin the effect.

  • people who go to the gym to flirt should be banned from every gym in town.

    • Hey I don't go to the gym to flirt at all but if there is someone that you'd want to approach at the gym then what are you going to do? stalk them to flirt with them outside of the gym? I don't think so

    • I don't want to approach people at the gym. I even think it shouldn't be allowed to talk at the gym. Those who do bother me.

  • well it is hard but its just like anywhere else...maybe smile and chat about the work out or something else, anything that pops into your mind...


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