What to keep an eye out for?

I'm hanging out with this girl tonight and I was wondering what signs I should look for to see if she's interested in me/wants me to make a move like hold her hand or cuddle... we are going to go get coffee and then head to my place to watch a movie. what are specific things I should look for?


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  • During the movie, if she purposely picks out the closest seat to you. If she sits ANYWHERE near you...like within a foot or so. Obviously if she leans on you...go for the arm over the shoulder. If she starts moving her hand closest to you restlessly, that is a good sign that she wants it to be held. If she is fidgeting with her hair constantly or looking around all the time. If she starts moving around just ask her if she is comfortable and if she wants your arm...if she likes you she will most definitely take that offer.

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