Reasons she doesn't text back one time?

What are some reasons?

The last thing I said when we were talking about a Halloween costume was that "Pocahontas has that modest and natural beauty, while cat woman has that sexiness with edge. You should wear a cat mask with a Pocahontas dress and clown shoes"

I said clown shoes hoping to lead up to another joke :)

Is she just busy or does she think the text is stupid:(


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  • Send another text: "The clown shoes were a joke if you didn't get it haha. So what are you thinking of wearing?"

    I'm sure she'll respond at some point. But the whole "You should wear..." = could be a turn-off because girls, as well as guys, don't like forceful/controlling words.

    "You could wear blah blah blah. What do you think :) ?" --> would have been a better reply.

    • Man I was only doing it as a joke lol. Of course these things might get taken out of context. I texted her what you said. But then just remembered I had already asked her earlier what she was wearing for halloween haha. :( though