Some turn offs you see a lot in girls?

What are some general turn offs?

And do guys like girls who can be childish at times?


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  • Depends on what you mean by childish.

    Liking cartoons, Pokémon, video games, acting silly and say retarded stuff to try making me or other people smile, is a good kind of childish.

    Becoming a bitch for no reason, ignoring me if I don't do what she wants, when she wants, giving me the cold shoulder instead of talking problems out; that's a bad kind of childish that I wouldn't really tolerate.

    As for general turn offs:

    -Flirts too much with guys everywhere

    -Always expects me to do everything, without even giving me suggestions

    -No sense of humor

    -Judges people for insignificant things, such as clothing

    -Doesn't speak her mind, keeps things in from me when she would have told other people

    -Inconsiderate - doesn't think about my reaction before doing something that will affect me


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  • turn offs:

    screams at me for not texting within an hr of hers. there's numerous reasons I may not text back, such as fishing, swimming, forgot to charge it, etc. get over it

    acts trashy/ gangsta. (some guys like it, I dont)

    flirts incessantly with everyone

    keeps secrets

    calls at 3 am when she knows I get up at 6 with "what are you up to" umm, I'm turning my phone off and going back to bed

    gets p*ssed when I hang out with other friends.

    gets extremely jealous of female friends

    has to win every debate, even if she knows she's wrong.

    as for childish, its OK in small doses. and by childish I don't mean poop jokes etc, I mean kinda silly. but if I'm having a bad day or something and you whip it out I'm gonna get p*ssed.

    • When we say 'childish', I at least think of like talking in baby talk and acting like a dumb blond kinda thing.

    • Dumb blond is OK, baby talk bugs me tho.

  • some turn offs I see in a lot of girls: tattoos, piercings, large designer sunglasses, boots, not smiling

    • I agree with all of those well except for the piercing part cause I ahve like 6 of those haha.. guys don't like girls that are trashy or lack a sense of originality.

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    • +1 on the old lady blinders that lots of girls seem to be wearing now. I would add bleached hair and itty bitty dog in a handbag, I meet so many women here in Cali with all 3 of those it drives me nuts. If I saw a girl here with natural hair color, normal sunglasses and a dog that wasn't a rodent I would probably write it off as a hallucination.

    • Ahhhhh but tattoos are so sexy! I love the idea of finding secret tattoos as the clothes come off.

      and boots? you're silly

  • a girl being childish is just .. feminine who cares

    turn offs are ...slutty past, lack of creativity and lack of attractiveness for relationship

  • Turn offs. Smokin and childish drama. I kinda prefer they don't act too childish. Nothing wrong with an immature joke here and there though.


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