Panic attacks!

how do calm down during a panic and or a anxiety attack?


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  • Sit down and take deeps breaths. I like to listen to music too.


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  • Each time you have an anxiety attack your body and mind are memorizing the tiny steps that got you from calm to panic. This just means that it'll become easier and easier for your body to be filled with anxiety each time it happens.

    The "trick" to over coming such unwanted anxiety is through pattern interruption.

    For example, if you were on a date, and you were slowly escalating so that you could kiss your partner, you would lean in close, talk softly, make warm eye contact with a smile, touch hands, and then touch lips. Each little step matters.

    If someone threw water in your face some where in that list of steps it would "interrupt" your pattern and you wouldn't likely kiss.

    So to stop anxiety you must first recognize the little steps that occur that get you from relaxed to panic, and write them down. How you're feeling in each step, what happens to your body ( tension in hands? Fight chest? Sick feeling in the stomach? etc) and make note of them. Just writing these things down will likely make you anxious, but that's okay!

    Then you need to interrupt future anxiety with NEW patterns that bring you happiness, joy, and peace.

    So you must train your head and your heart what deep relaxation feels like. Through daily practice. The easiest method I've found is self hypnosis techniques combined with meditation.

    When you practice deep DEEEEEP relaxation using your own thoughts you'll become empowered to feel relaxed and safe and loved ON DEMAND simply by thinking it. You do this by walking your body through the steps of deep relaxation twice a day when you're sitting alone. This trains the brain, and body, to follow your directions, and leaves you feeling confident and strong.

    A good easy start is this app I've used:

    If this sounds like work, it's because it is. This is your life... it's up to you if a little hard work is worth feeling safe and happy! :D

    ~ Robby

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  • I have panic attacks, you need to slow your breathing down, breathing into your abdomen for 5secs, and slow breath out for 5 secs, until you feel better.

    Or the best cure for a panic attack is breath into a paper or plasic bag, until you feel normal. Your getting to much oxygen into your system, and need to be replaced by carbon dioxide. Breathing into a bag, is best resort if nothing else works. I do it all the time. Just hold it over your mouth.


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  • When I have a panic attack I usually put my hands over my ears, close my eyes, and take deep, slow breaths. It works most of the time.