Would this make a guy feel weird?

so this guy and I (I like him by the way and I think he likes me) were walking to a store. we were having this really great conversation (this is the longest convo we had because we're both really shy). at any rate, we get to the store and I'm about to buy my book (20 dollars) and he needs the same book, but he was real mad at the price and we were joking about how expensive things are as I got to the register.

i went to pay for my book and I told the woman to just add his on. he kind of fought me on it, but I just paid for it anyway and he was really like 'thanks, I owe you, for real" and I waved him off. I just wanted to know if that was weird or not. I don't know this kid really, but I like him and I got paid today, so I was like 'whatever' 'cause I would've done it for any friend of mine...i just want to know if that was too forward or out of place.


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  • No, I think it'd be okay. It may even help, as that's definitely more the kind of thing you do for friends or someone you have a connection with.

    I think if I liked her, it might even be another little clue that she might like me.

    Plus, if he's smart, he can ask/get you a coffee or something together and pay for it; This gives you more contact, and he can sort of reciprocate the gesture, if he wants. But that's only if he realizes this.

    • What do you mean if he realizes this? :/

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    • :( I'm so shy lol

    • Then just stay friends, keep talking, and smile encouragement whenever you see him.

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