What seems to be my problem I can't seem to attract girls?

I have the worst of luck with girls. I can't attract them. or maybe I do and I just don't know it. But I've been looking for a girl friend for over 8 months. Girls just blow me off or get a boyfriend that they break up with a week later. I am sweet caring and all I want is to be there for the girl give her the world and have a girl be there for me. what do girls want?


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  • My posts are too big to repost here, so here are the links:

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    Seriously, give them a read and see if those are a reflection of your behavior and/or how others perceive you. As for women rejecting you as a person when you ask them out, that's not really what's happening. The truth of the matter is they're rejecting your approach--your attempt at starting a conversation. Luckily you can learn the art of approach--both the words and body language and associated non-verbals.

    Next comes some reading. Check out "The Game" by Neil Strauss, “Sperm Wars” by Robin Baker, “The Red Queen” by Matt Ridley, “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, “The Mating Mind” by Geoffrey Miller, “The Evolution of Desire” by David M. Buss, and "Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene.

    If you want the shortcut version of how to make women attracted, which is what you're lacking, then read the Venusian Arts Handbook and/or Magic Bullets. Both are really excellent at breaking down courtship and how to attract high quality women into your life. Both are ebooks I'm sure you can find online. Go through these resources with an open mind and actually give them an honest shot.

    Look at social dynamics and the empowerment it gives men as a genuine men's movement. The short version is by giving men the social skills to be alpha and turn insecure needy "nice guys" into mascule "go getters" it has the effect of reversing emasculation men have suffered the last 30-40 years. Get involved and finally take control of your dating life. Most men come from a place of scarcity and are thankful for the scraps they can get. Change that and go out and get quality women in your life and start screening them for a change. For too long men haven't had a place to turn to when it comes to relationships and dating advice, whereas women have had Cosmo, their girlfriends, and mountains of other resources when it comes to this stuff. Things are different now.

    Again, read The Game by Neil Strauss and those ebooks. They'll change your life and show you what's possible. Plus they're just really well written.


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  • I'll take ya! ;D

  • Stay busy with what you like to do and like that classic song

    just hold on loosely but don't let go!

    keep in touch with her but like Tono 2 said you gotta make her work for it.

    I think girls are attracted to a man who has his own life and it seems weird but people always seem to want to be with you more if you are not always available!

    do not give up being sweet and caring because truly girls always want that no matter how bad they are attracted to a bad boy they really want him to be sweet and caring at the same time!


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  • I know what you mean. However, think about this. If all you had to do to win a trophy was ask, would it mean less to you then if you had earned it? I would wager that your answer is yes. It sounds near crazy, but girls like to work to get you. If you give yourself to them, they think your too easy and unworthy.Besides, your approach sounds like you want to be their friend more than their boyfriend. You need to start thinking that you're the prize and some girl MIGHT get lucky enough to win you over. When you believe that, the confidence you have alone will attract girls. Also, it helps to know if a girl likes you or not. Check the website for tips on how to tell. Good Luck!