Is that a sign he's attracted?

so this guy & me have been making eye contact stuff every time I pass by him.we have never spoken to each other though he is the one who look's at me first & when I look at him he smiles & I look away feeling awkward.this is what happens every time I notice him looking at me.

the problem is he doesn't seem to be trying to speak to me.but when I don't look at him he sometimes behaves loud to get himself noticed.

OK, now recently what happened was when I was leaving the campus I turned back & was waiting for one of my friends when this guy(he was also leaving)too stopped.i kind of waited for few minutes & left when my friend came & only then he left.i didn't understand why?


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  • I think he digs you. But he's nervous. Maybe he's had some really bad experiances or just really wants you to like him. Giving him a confidence boost might be the key. If you can smile at him when he looks at you like you're really happy to see him, that alone could work wonders.


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