So do you think we could ever match?

So he is tall, but thin made... not that he hasn't got muscles and stuff.. he does.. but he's got an athletic build, you know? Anyways.. he is what you would call HANDSOME! He is reddish brown in skin color.. and he's got curly hair...

He is like about a foot taller than me... more or less... I'm fat.. but my face is cute.. and I have curly bushy hair... I have a paler complexion... I'm short, about 5 feet, 1 inch like... and I'm not that pretty.> Just a bit on the cute side... I'm not considered UGLY UGLY either... just really really fat! I'm trying to get thin

So do you think we might match in looks.. like we would look OK together.. Please answer just this question.. YES OR NO... and why do you think so. I know I should lose weight... and I know I shouldn't care about looks that much.. I dont. I'm just worried... whether we can make it.. you know... in every way possible! <3


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  • There has to be physical attraction first; otherwise, you'll just end up in the friend zone. Your height is no problem, but I'd still recommend losing the "fat" for health reasons sake. If he is similar to the average guy's thinking and doesn't have a "fat" fetish, then no, you're not a good match for him. Since he's a "handsome" guy, he's going to go for the hot and gorgeous cheerleader types.


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  • you need some self confidence. THAT is what is making you unattractive. Nothing to do with how much you weigh.

    Until you work on that my dear, don't worry about anything else...because that's the only thing that is gonna show.

  • just wear make up and straighten your hair and buy hair serum and waer clothes that make you look skinner and you shud b okay...

  • If your relationship is based solely on appearance, you guys have no chance

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