Should I Introduce Myself to Him? :]

So I know this looks to be about the dumbest question ever, but stick with me yeah? My mom buys our groceries at a little grocery store in our town, and working there is the damn cutest guy, (he's a cart gatherer..) so sometimes I tag along with her or she drags me along to go shopping when I'm really bored/lazy haha. :) Anyways... I really want to just go up to say hi to him but I don't know if that's too stupid. He's definitely around 20 or so so he doesn't go to my school (I'm 17) and we don't have mutual friends so it's not like there's any other way to meet him. Whenever I bring the cart back to the store he always comes out and takes it back in for me and smiles at me, and says I don't have to do that.

So, do you think this is to dumb to try? He's a few years older than me and he has tattoos and this really independent vibe, and I'm generally dubbed as the cute on of my group. I know I probably sound kind of dumb-- but bear with me I have a big crush here so it's hard to not be! :)

Thanks so so much for reading, any help is appreciated!


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  • If he's smiled at you more than once, he probably is attracted to you. So, do it. It can't hurt to try.


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  • It can't hurt to try to talk to him and at least be friendly. I don't know what you should say tho haha.

    Yeah, you could just tell him your name like "hey I' the way"

    and see what he says? Maybe he'll tell you his name or you can ask him...