Guys do you ever look at your ex? And how do you feel when you get caught looking or you catch her looking?

You know when there's a girl you like in your class or is in the same room as her you usually take glimpse at moments where you don't think she's looking... Do you guys do that with your ex as well? And if so is it because you still have feelings or is it another reason?

Also, if she catches you looking do you get embarrass and wish you hadn't been caught or are happy because she happened to be looking at you too?


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  • I keep on catching my ex looking at me and she catches me xD What usually happens is she looks away then looks right back or back again after a short period of time :P I do the same :)

    • That actually sounds cute lol but is it because you have feelings for her still or is it just because she's your ex?

    • I still have feelings for her and I'm trying to get her back :P Don't know if she feels the same so I'm giving it some time :)

    • Thanks for your input, it helped :)

  • Ya, my look of disgust spoke volumes. I think she got the hint. I loved her so much.

    • Then there's some form of feeling attachement there right? I mean regardless of how angry you are at her, feelings are still there..? Or do you honestly not care for her at all despite of what had happened between the two of you and you just look at her so she feels regret?

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