What can I do to make myself look physically more attractive?

I know this is kinda weird, but I just started high school this year, and I have never dated a guy before. I would really like to start dating. I am not skinny, but not overweight. What can I do to make myself look physically more attractive (makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc.)? Any other tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks.


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  • if you've just started then don't worry about getting a boyfriend, just concentrate on making friends so that later on in high school you get invited to all the parties where you will have many a chance to get with a guy which might lead on to a relationship.

    but if you really want image advice, all I can say is, go easy on the makeup. remember this is coming from glasgow, the fake-bake capital of the world. In the case of makeup there is such a thing as too much.

    also, look in fashion and gossip magazines for ideas on clothes and hairstyles, that should help.

  • It depends on what kind of guy you want to fetch. I personally would vote that you could have blue jeans with pretty much anything that seems appropriate as the top with any color (which could vary from black with pattern or grey with pattern or pink with pattern, I dunno) and your clothing would already be fine (yup, casual), your hair could just stay natural the way it is you just have to wash it and you're done (though I personally prefer straight hair that's like shoulder-length or so but anything that is "not short" is fine, haha), and otherwise - just use any jewelry (earrings) you feel right, just express yourself the way you want, BUT I vote that you really shouldn't do makeup because it just makes you look stupid and whoreish.

    That's just me, I don't really know what YOU want. xP I personally believe in the term of "natural beauty". You can technically just f--k it up using makeup.

    • Thnx. I agree on the makeup thing, but so many girls wear so much so I was just wondering about a guys point of view.

    • I hate makeup, and I hate society for enforcing this stupid distorted self image that results from people being told "Wow you are so pretty!" when they wear makeup, and ONLY when they do. Everyone is already as pretty as they are, the only thing you can judge on makeup is the effort put into it. I've NEVER seen a girl who actually looked prettier / more attractive with makeup than she was without it. Usually, it just makes everything worse, and my double standards would have a party-slut alarm.

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