Why do girls get creeped out so easily? And why do they jump to conclusions so much?

It's like, every time a guy makes just one wrong move with a girl, she suddenly gets creeped out so easily and now no longer has a good perspective on the guy. Even if a girl tried, she can never creep out a guy.

This is all largely because girls just have mad conclusion-jumping skillz when they're around guys. One strike and the guy's out, even if he didn't intend anything wrong, but girls have infinite chances with any guy, regardless of how they act.

On top of that, girls just have to expect guys to do all this work (tux-wearing, working out, and so on) to even be just friends with them. But what do girls have to do about being with a guy? Just look the way they are and say hi, nothing more. And BAM she's already got the guy's full attention. Girls just have to have very strict expectations of a guy, despite them not doing anything at all to go with a guy, but they still have to be lazy while looking pretty and have him do everything for her.

It's just that I don't understand why girls always make hasty decisions like that with guys.

There are times when a guy needs to punch a girl in the face. This is one of those times.


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  • thats why girls are so creeped out, the majority of guys aren't listening don't give a sh*t, and are faking it to get some. As soon as they sense a guy is not genuine the guard goes up. The best way to go about it is to not care too much and to not show too much interest in the beginning and to genuinely be interested in what they do and say and notice something that others dont, like those ridiculous shoes she's wearing out.

    • Do you know of any girls who actually had to work to get with a guy, or just sit around and expect them to slave it up for them?

      If women don't get their act together, then I'm going to have to go gay.

    • Ive felt that haha... women will work and fight each other and be real evil women to score the man of their desire. Like cris rock jokes, men say I want me a girl like that.... girls say I want him. I've had a couple of girls beg for me, but the ones I want I have to chase, its the same for girls. if their just sitting their and you feel like your working hard for her attention your doing it wrong. leave her alone, and remember this... she's not worth your time...and watch the change in attitude.

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