What would you think, guys?

If you pick a girl up on the first date and when she gets on the passenger side of her door she stands there waiting. For what, right? For you to open the door for her. How would you react and what will you think?

i think all women should be treated as ladies and opening the door for a woman is etiquette, Guys.


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  • I think if she expects to be treated like a queen, she should move to england. But if she shows the same respect/treatment to me, then I would be happy to reciprocate it. Even if in the smallest ways (Examples: Opening the door to our selected date location, offering to pay her portion of the bill, etc and so forth)..

    But let me provide an example of where I can catch on to her: "I'm a queen" bullsh*t

    - I pick her up and knock on her door, she's running a little behind schedule so she invites me in, I sit down in the living room. I accept and flip through some TV shows, she comes downstairs and says she's ready to go without sitting down. I look over my shoulder at her and then get up, we go to the door and out to the car.. Driving to the date location she talks completely about her day and asks a little about my day, but never sticks to the subject of my day as often as hers.. Then we arrive and walk in together, we're at the skate rink getting shoes, she tells me some more about herself; I offer my hand to hold as we skate; talk talk talk, talk talk talk; then the skate rink starts to close so we give our shoes back; she talks some more and on the way out to the car, I get in and she stands by the door. I mention the door is unlocked and she waits quietly, so I step back out of the car and tell her that she can get in.. Still nothing.. I ask her if something is wrong and she responds with "I'd like you to open the door for me".. I drive her home and never speak to her again.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is what's called personal boundaries. If you expect something to happen, it probably won't happen, and if you ask me to do something that should be spontaneously curteous (like chivalry); then I will assume your trying too hard to put yourself on a pedestal, which is a huge turn off and ultimately a dealbreaker.

    *Takes a bow*

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Yeah, except a car is not a room, nor a house, nor anything similar. It's a goddamn vehicle. There is a chance that I would tell her to get in, and she would walk away, frustrated and angry. Because her hands would get ripped off if she opened the car for herself or something. If the guy doesn't open the door, then don't make it awkward. Consider the opening a plus, not the not-opening a negative. Maybe it just doesn't cross their mind at that moment, not everyone is perfect at all moments. Sheeeesh.

  • To appreciate such treatment is very good. To expect such treatment is ridiculous.

    I always open the door for a girl I'm driving somewhere, just out of courtesy. It's just what I do. That being said, it has slipped my mind before. My ex would just open it herself and say "hey, you forgot the door". She knew I held the door for her, and she knew I sometimes forgot. She just accepted that, reminded me, and went about her business. If you were to just stand there and wait on me to get out and come open it, I'd be p*ssed. You aren't incapable of doing it yourself if I forget. That's not being a lady, that's being a princess.

    Also, the main point I usually make on the topic of etiquette is that if I'm going to be treating her like a lady, then she better damn well act like one. I knew one girl that expected guys to open doors for her, pull out her chair at the table, order for her, and stand up when she leaves the table. Yet, this same girl got her food, put her elbows on the table, and started shoveling food down her throat. Don't expect chivalry as a 24/7 requirement, and especially don't expect it if you can't reciprocate.

    • Ok. If it is the first date, I think its OK because it lets the man know how she would like to be treated and if he is a gentleman , he will do it with no problem and will know that's what she expects but in your case if you been with a girl 4 a while and she knows you normally do it and forget then that is understandable and after a while you don't have to do it much because everything gets old after a while. Now about the type of girl she is, should not matter. you should always treat a woman like a lady

    • Unless she is your W****. But its your choice. So if we had a first date and I waited by my passenger door, you would be p*ssed?

    • The type of girl she is matters very much. If she is EXPECTING me to open the door, then she had better be ladylike in her actions. If she isn't holding up her end, I'll conduct the evening as I normally would, and never call her again. I'd be happy to be a gentleman for a girl that's a true lady. I wouldn't be happy to be a gentleman for a girl who does whatever but still expects me to be on my best behavior. I'm not going to chew her out or anything, but I'm not going to date her again.

  • It's OK I'd open the door for her as long as she's not bossy because that would make me impossible to date her, and It hink that's what many guys think here, if it's out of courtesy, Ok, if it's a command HELL NO.

  • I completely agree. It shouldn't be just the first date, but every time she gets in the car. The number one priority is her safety, which is what this boils down to. Get her in the car first so you know she's secure then make your way in.

    • Ok imma do that.

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    • Lol my bad I meant to say No I'm not gonna open his door but ill stand by mine

    • I don't know if that's really good either tho. If he volunteers to do it that's good, but demanding it happen is a bit snooty. Plus, it might not inspire him to WANT to do it. He'll feel like he'll HAVE to do it and then it becomes work. Tricky. If you go on a few dates or something and say, "you know I love it when a man holds a door for me." Just drop hints.

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