Am I over-analyzing this?

I was at school in our lounge taking a break with a friend. We were eating lunch and I noticed a really cute guy I saw earlier. I'm trying to tell my friend who it is by saying "the guy in the baseball hat is really cute." I'm pretty sure I said it a little too loud, realizing that the fool next to me is wearing a baseball hat too. So this brother man started smiling, even though I wasn't talking about him. Anyways, after I said what I said, it looked like the cute guy was trying to sneak looks at me. I don't know, you help me decide. Thanks.

Oh BTW, if he did hear me say that he was cute, I'm glad. hahaha

I meant to ASK was if a guy tries to sneak glances at you is he interested? Nervous? Shy?


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  • No one can possibly answer this "question" because it's not even a question. You want us to tell you if the cute guy far away heard what you said? What are you even talking about?


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  • I think you handled the entire situation completely wrong.

    You should have just went up and introduced yourself to the correct cute dude in the baseball hat. Instead of accidentally flattering some tool. There's no way to know if your actual crush heard you or not. When I eat lunch I glance around and people watch sometimes, it doesn't mean I'm necessarily interested in any guy I lay eyes on.

    Good luck.