What do you do if a girl says she just wants to be friends but shows signs of arousal?

She always stares at me, she doesn't cross her legs, her pupils dilate, and she plays with her hair a lot but she says she just wants to be friends...

Her body says she wants me but she says she doesn't...


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  • Accept her at her word.

    • I normally would but she's also acting differently from what she says when we hang out. She says no but her actions (both voluntary and involuntary) are a complete opposite

    • She's your friend, right? So I imagine you want to keep it that way. If she says she's not interested, you need to respect that---because unwanted advances after she's said she only wants to be friends could ruin your friendship. If she decides she wants to be more than friends, let her be the one to initiate it.

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  • I would say take her word for it, however if you're so sure that she's into you, you can ask her out and try to put your arm around her and see how she reacts. If she turns you down again, you misread her body language.

  • god I'm so sick of the playing with the hair thing from guys...it just means that OUR HAIR IS BOTHERING US AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! :) :)


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  • Then you stop flirting in any kind of way. Whether she is really into you or you are misreading, you should stop worrying about her like that for your own good. If she's playing games with you, she'll stop once you don't play back. If she's confused about what she feels, then she'll figure it out when you don't pay attention. And if she really wants to be just friends, then you can be just that.