If a girl thinks/knows she's attractive, does that make her less attractive?

I was wondering if you see a girl who's good looking, and she knows it, is that a turn off? Like for instance, she walks with a strut because she knows she looks good. Do guys prefer girls who are good looking but don't necessarily show it off, or even know they're are attractive?


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  • It doesn't automatically make her unattractive... its how she handles herself with other people.

    A bad personality can make the most beautiful woman very ugly.

    The problem is a girl that is very attractive is probably hit on by more guys.

    Most guys that hit on her would probably have a bad life with her. They are interested in her only for her looks. This means the guys are being shallow. Being shallow happens all the time and people, not just guys, don't even know they are doing it.

    So be nice and smile. Handle yourself in a respectful manner and don't be afraid to say "hello" first. Most people will be intimidated by a beautiful woman and they won't say anything. A woman will be more attractive if she outgoing and friendly.


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  • I think many people are "intimidated" by a confidant good looking woman, rather than turned-off by her.

    I personally find it more attractive if the woman knows how attractive she is, so long as her looks are commensurate with her strut. These women are usually far less giddy and less preoccupied by whatever attention they receive, making them more enjoyable companions.

    Megan Fox for example, who's quite possibly THE most attractive female to help save our planet from alien killer robots -- by most accounts carries herself very confidently. Or at least she acts that way in most of her roles. But I think you would be hard pressed to find too many guys who would call her "unattractive" -- but they would probably admit to being "intimidated" if they ever met her.

  • Confident and cocky are two separate things. Confident? Hott. Cocky? Def not. Knowing you're hot and being humble is great. Knowing you're hot and expecting other people to worship you or expect special treatment because of it, etc is eff'n disgusting. I hate those b*tches.

  • Show-offs are turn-offs for me.

  • Yes, this is an automatic turn off.


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