Does acting this way make me unattractive?

A lot of the time I don't necessarily have a smile on my face. It's not that I'm sad, it's just my normal face. I'm not frowning.

Will this deter me from meeting people? Because I'm not crazy excited like some people?


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  • yeah, if you look like your sad or upset (whether you are or aren't) your less approachable. Girls also tend to go for guys who look happy. I think a smile is more attractive. I kno a guy who is like that tho. He frequently looks sad or p*ssed when he's really not. I tell him to work on smiling and I think that helps. You don't have to be super cheerful but a few more smiles could help :D


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  • People at work would always tell me I look sad, and should smile more. But truth is, people who walk around smiling all the time look ridiculous. And it would be really tiring for you to consciously make yourself smile.


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  • Check this out, maybe it will show you that not smiling is actually working.