Should I get a tattoo? Or a flower on my arm?

Should I get a tattoo ? Or a flower on my arm??
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  • Do as you please however since I stumbled upon this topic here's my opinion. Tattoos are ego enhancers. So before you get a tattoo ask how happy are you with yourself. Tattoos are addictive for the simple reason because you get bored of your old tattoo and you find after a few months that you need a new tattoo (ego fix). Tattoos are visual displays of "creative art" meant to get people's attention hence this intent proves that the recipient of the tattoo feels incomplete with himself as he's looking to impress and get attention. Most people want an un unique tattoo in order to resample their own uniqueness but no matter how unique a tattoo is the recipient is just another tattooed person. Unique is who you are. Realise this and you won't need tattoos to express anything because you already are the best expression of yourself.


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  • Don't get any.


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  • I would not but it is your choice


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