I am always told that I'm not special or something and like I always feel totally second best to everyone. am I just really ugly or something? how would you react? I hardly ever say this so I guess I just needed to get some opinions from people that aren't guna get annoyed or lie to me


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  • You're not ugly. :) You're very pretty!

    • Cheers x but I don't know what would you say about the way guys say I would be with you but only after I've lost my v t somebody special .. when you weren't even implying sex

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    • Ah its ok. thnx for answering

    • You're welcome.

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  • I have always felt the same way. I think you look super cute! I think it's because we're redheads. I have always felt like second or third best. You know, no tan, covered in freckles. It seems the only guys who come right out and say they find me attractive are generally freaky guys who have a redhead fetish. Your eyes are very pretty. You should play them up. Redhead power!

  • You are cute, although I think you might suit longer hair better :3

    • Yeah thanx I had longer hair but I had to cut it off because it got really damaged by some bad bleach lol

  • Oh geez, girl. Don't ever think you're ugly! I just saw your pic and you look very cute ; )