What is wrong with this guy?

He claims he doesn't like my face, my laugh, and when he comes into the workplace he never says hi to me, he just bumps into me (on purpose). Whenever we are in the same room, but on opposite sides, he will leave his side of the room to come by me and argue with me. However, as I was leaving work I noticed him looking at me.


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  • not all guys are the same. could be that's the way he shows that he likes u


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  • sounds like the boy that pulls your hair on the play ground at school beause he likes you.

    problem is, your not in school any more and he should be old enough to act like a man.

    he wants your attention but sounds very imature.

    There are some guys who need conflict because it's a form of attention. Like the kid that says " Mommy is yelling at me right now but that's OK because I have her attention". Again, he is acting like a little boy instead of a man.

    The best way to get him to stop is to stop giving him attention. Don't respod to hm or just say " what ever" and walk away when he tries to start a fight.

    If you don't respond, you take away his reward ( your attention).

    on the other hand, if you enjoy the squabling ect... He sounds like the right guy for it. As he will most likely always act that way and never really grow up.