What should I wear to a concert?

I have been hanging out with and talking to this guy in the navy(I live down the road from the base) for about 5-6 months. We have just been friends and I have started to like him more then that.

well enough about the background. He called today to ask if I wanted to go to a jason alden concert with him on the 1st.

I am going but have no idea what to wear. I'm thinking jeans and I have a pair of black high heel cowgirl boots. I just don't know what kind of shirt to wear.

Im 22 he's 25. I'm 5'7 200 lbs(carry it well everyone says I look 170 180.


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  • Shirt jeans and comfy shoes maybe sneakers


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  • well, I'll tell you what I generally wear for concerts

    1. fashion t, jeans, flats

    I never wear heels because it would kill my feet by the end of the night, esp with all the dancing

    2. bubble skirt and tank