Do you have a thing for blonds/brunettes/green eyes/etc?

I'm terribly into brunettes- I just think they look way better than blondes. This goes for both girls and boys. If I make a list of the hottest chicks in Hollywood, I end up writing about Megan Fox, Amanda Peet, Leighton Meester. For the boys, it's Ian Somerholder, Jonathan Rhys Meyers... just brunettes plain and simple. I won't even consider blonds unless they dye their hair.

I'm not saying that blonds aren't good looking. I usually will just look at a blond, acknowledge their appearance and remark that they would look even better as a brunette. There are very few people who I think look better blonde.

This isn't a problem.. far from it. We all have our personal preferences and it's easy enough to dye hair. But it's funny to note that a guy can fall or rise at least 3 points on my scale just for being/not being a brunette.

So I'm just curious. Does anyone have any stark preferences like this? Hair color? Or anything else you're specifically attracted to like eye color etc?

  • Yes and it's pretty strong (it's hard for me to date someone who doesn't have this feature)
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  • I do have a preference but it's not that strong and I would date someone without that feature without a problem
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  • No, I don't really have a specific preference at all. I actually have no idea what you're talking about and I think you need a quick round with David Beckham to realize that you're wrong about blondes.
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  • Other (and I will explain this vague answer in the field below)
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  • I voted B.

    I don't know whether or not this is like a conscious thing, but I do tend to like brunettes a lot more. I think some people who are blond are attractive, sure, but I usually like brunette guys and think that girls also usually look better as brunettes. I also really like green eyes, but it really doesn't matter, I just think it's nice.

    So I guess I do have a preference, but a small one, and if they don't fit that preference it's definitely not a dealbreaker.

    • Yeah, my biggest thing is brunettes with light eyes: blue/grey/green (just look at my examples of hot guys).

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What Guys Said 4

  • I never discriminate based on hair, eye or skin color, because like many guys, I am a slut. However I do have a hard spot (so to speak) for leggy, blue or green-eyed blondes like:

    - Amber Heard (Trans formers 3) link

    - Ali Larter (Obsessed) link

    - Isabel Lucas (Trans formers 2) link

    - Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) link

    But that definitely doesn't negate the fact that Megan Fox and so many other brunettes (including non-famous ones) are unbelievably hot.

    • Yeah they're all pretty hot... but they would look better as brunettes ;)

    • Hahaaa...nice....I do agree with you tho that dark haired guys seem to get more "votes". Even Disney seems to favor dark-haired cartoon heroes, or at least tan-skinned ones. (the guy is always darker than the girl -- even when he's lite-haired)...I wonder why...?

  • I always get lost in emerald green color eyes its just so rare that its almost like gazing into a precious gem.

  • Face, eye colour hair etc it just depends on the person, personality is more important long term.

  • could care less. an attractive girl is an attractive girl regardless of hair color.

    preference? I really like pale, petite, cute red headed girls, maybe because they are so rare? I don't know. I also find black and dark brown eyes to be the least attractive out of eye colors but it's not something that would make me consider someone unattractive or anything.


What Girls Said 4

  • I don't actually have a preference for hair colour or eyes as such, more body type. Prefer my men to be on the beefy side and my boyfriend fights for the Army Taekwondo team and plays rugby, to give you some idea of what he's built like.

    By some freak of nature, both me and my boyfriend are blond and blue eyed, both come from similar backgrounds (he's half German, whereas I'm a mix of German, British and Swedish) and our birthdays are within 2 weeks of another. (Mine's on the 4th, his is on 18th).

    I like the fact that we're both NATURAL blondes (both have pasty white skin and no chance of ever getting a tan, pale blue eyes and stupid blond eyebrows and eyelashes). Especially as us natural creatures are dying out.

    • Very true. You're definitely lucky about the blue eyes, them being a recessive gene. Your kids will definitely end up with pretty blue peepers.

  • I really love green eyes, but as we know - they are EXTREMELY rare. I think it may have something to do with that my dad has green eyes, therefore I carry a recessive green eye allele, an in combination with a dominant allele, it would most likely make a green eyed baby. Green- eyed people need to be saved from extinction. Not like I'll ever have a baby or anything, but I think it comes down to that.

    • I've often wondered if my preference was because I'm a brunette too but I lovvvee light eyes- maybe that's something that's universal? I do have blue eyes somewhere along my family line so maybe it's those genes itching to get out?

    • I have blue eyes myself, and nobody in family had brown eyes for 3 generations. Only blue, green, hazel or gray.

  • WELL I have an attraction to guys with brown eyes, totally love it! but that's it really...nothing else. Although 'most' of my boyfriends have only really chose me from other girls because I have green eyes haha, I find it so strange how attraction can work! :)

  • I LOVE BROWN OR BLACK HAIR .. and I would marry any guy with deep dark chocolate brown eyes they are smoldering hot!