She knows she's hot and she everyone tells her as well.

I recently met a girl, she has an amazing body, slim, really gorgeous. But she knows that she is gorgeous and everyone comments on how sexy and beautiful she looks, even to her face, I have seen many guys tell her so. Are girls who are like this just looking for attention only? If you are this type of girl, what would attract you to a guy? What would turn a girls head like this to make her attracted to a guy? any ideas would be great...


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  • 3 ways:

    Become as good looking as she is/thinks she is-

    Become obscenely rich/popular

    Don't say all the same crap to her that all the other guys do

    I'm going to take a wild guess that you aren't rich or popular and that you aren't a beauty, so it's #3 which is really the only good one - the first two get you a trophy wife/gold digger etc and who wants that? If you want her (not just her body but you want HER) then you compliment her based on who she is and not how nice her legs, ass and t*ts are. She already knows she's beautiful because of all the attention and you don't need to reinforce that (you already do that when you look at her, check her out whatever, girls notice these things). You need to give her attention and show her that you like what's on the inside and not just the outside, because lets face it if you're really pretty or really ugly all you ever hear is comments about that - the real world is really a reverse version of that Shallow Hal movie where everyone sees the outside but no one looks in.


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