Nike iD and the #11?

Long story short I went on NIKE iD to order some cleats for football. If you don't know you can customize your own colors and style. So I went to put my #11 on the side of my shoe and I got an error saying that iD can't be used. I was confused since it wasn't obscene or anything to that nature.

I went to go chat with one of the representatives and she tells me that it appears that some one has trademark the number 11 so therefore Nike can't use it. I find that so weird. It's a number. How can some trademark a number. I ask the lady so now no more Nike #11 shirts and she told me yeah. How can that be?

I just find this whole thing so weird. And for some people who don't play sports or know much about it and think I'm over reacting a number to athlete is pretty damn close in value to that of his name on the back of his jersey.


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  • That's weird. I have never heard of that either. You should research on the internet what famous athletes use the number 11, you might be able to figure out who trademarked it. It had to be someone very rich, that's for sure!


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