Ginger hair---will it suit me?

I'm pretty pale, have dark blue eyes and dark eyebrows.

I'm worried how it will look with my dark eyebrows, but my natural hair color is dark blonde/lightest shade of brown, so I guess it will look something like it already looks like (in terms of brightness)...

I would like this color hair:

(one of these, even though my favorite shade is under No1)

1- link

2- link

3- link

4- link

5- link

I have the same color eyebrows as her (only a bit thicker), but I am a little paler than her...

Thanks for the advice guys :)

/if your answer to the pole is a different suggestion, please write what it is...and perhaps include a link as well.../

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I dyed it the first shade :)

Everyone says it looks great! YaY

...and it's a lot of fun as well...


Most Helpful Girl

  • i was thinking bout going that first colour too, and I had that exact same pic to take to the hairdresser. I decided not too cause it took so much work to go blond, but you should definately do it. red hair really suits pale skin, and if need be, tint your eyebrows a little lighter, or just thin them out so they don't look so dark. good luck


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What Guys Said 4

  • 3. I like the darker reds, but that don't look like brown, plus itll look good against pale skin

  • yup

  • Mm well in those pics it looks pretty hot!

    • @update

      well you better post some pics!!! we helped after all.

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What Girls Said 1

  • That's exactly what I did, and I look similar to what you described. I suggest you do it. It'll add a lot of color to your complexion, whereas the dirty blond probably makes you look dull and dragged out, am I right? I'm not trying to offend, that's just how I looked.

    • Yep, you are right. Even though EVERYONE wants me not to dye my hair. They just don't get that I'm over this need of a change! xD